Find Unclaimed Money Recovery Agent in Your State

Find Unclaimed Money Recovery Agent in Your State

Odette Mc Donalds is a dedicated unclaimed Money Recovery agent, today she wrote to us letting us know that currently Australia has a record high $23.9 Billion dollars in unclaimed money in Australia.
she says “There is more money in the unclaimed money pool than ever before, so  really keep an eye out and if unsure contact an unclaimed money recovery agent in your local state”

The average parcel of money is $890 and last year alone Australians recovered $125 million out of a total pool of $23.9 Billion dollars. The majority of these funds were refunded with the assistance of an Unclaimed Money Recovery Agent.

Those with unclaimed money include:
• people not making a transaction on their cheque or savings accounts for more than seven years;
• those who have stopped making payments on a life insurance policy;
• those who have moved without leaving a forwarding address;
• those who have noticed that regular dividend or interest cheques have stopped coming;
• executors of deceased estates.

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