Unclaimed Money Recovery

Unclaimed Money Recovery

MORE than 1 MILLION Accounts with Unclaimed Money in them, freshly in…..

A Current Affair reported on the crazy amount of accounts with funds being diverted into trust as “unclaimed money” with Australians getting busier and busier and having more transient lifestyles – more money is being lost everyday – enter the unclaimed money agents; brave men & women who assist the millions in finding & refunding their lost money.  The amounts can be as little as a few hundred dollars and as much as $3 million+ dollars- the fact that there are millions of lost accounts is concerning.

on the show, The commissioner encourages people to get going with refunding their money  saying “they usually tell people to be careful of offers of Free Money but it is the case of this is Legit”

Even A Current Affair had trouble trying to get people to pay attention, so easiest way is to find a friendly unclaimed money agent in your state and get him or her assisting you in finding any unclaimed money that might be yours:)

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